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Summer Slushie Recipe 

Summer’s here and it’s time for your taste buds to chill with a lip-smackingly, tongue-tinglingly delicious Langs Summer Slushie. It’s simple to make with these easily available ingredients.


Langs Summer Slushie

75ml Langs Banana Rum 

30ml lime juice 

30ml sugar syrup 

25ml water 


Step 1
First, get all of your ingredients together and make sure that you have everything to hand. You’re ready to go.

Step 2

Next, it’s time to measure out those ingredients and pour them all into one tupperware container. Now pop this into the freezer for 2 to 4 hours. That should be enough to get your mix to just the right consistency for step 4.


Step 3

Getting close to the most exciting part now. Remove the container from the freezer and fluff up that frosty and flavoursome mixture with a fork.


Step 4

It’s time. Pour your slushie into a glass, garnish with a wedge of fresh, tangy lime and enjoy a sweet, zingy experience that combines ice with sunshine.

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