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What is Langs rum?

Langs is a flavoured rum sourced from Jamaica and infused with 100% natural banana flavour in Scotland. Our rum is a blend of unaged and aged Jamaican rums from ex-bourbon American white oak casks.


Why age rum?

Just as in whisky, ageing mellows and improves the taste of freshly distilled rum. While the rum matures in oak barrels, natural tannins in the wood impart a golden tint that yields to a rich brown cast after several years.


Who are the Lang brothers?

Gavin & Alexander Lang were wine and spirit merchants based in Glasgow in the 1860’s. They first created Scotch whisky and then set down recipes that expanded their portfolio into rum after being influenced by the exotic goods and fruits arriving at the Clydeside docks from the Caribbean.


How have we stayed true to the original bottle?

Our label displays our original import of 1861, as this was original launch date of Langs Banana Rum by the Langs Brothers in Glasgow.


We have kept the same recipe. We’ve brought back the exceptional award-winning Banana taste using Jamaican rum as per the original recipe. The Bananas are back!


The gold medal on our bottle represents the gold medal the original recipe won at the Edinburgh international Exhibition in 1886.


Why Jamaican rum?

Jamaican rum is considered full bodied and special because of the island’s limestone, a mineral-rich sedimentary rock loaded with calcium carbonate. Limestone water softens the final product and makes it a little sweeter, making this rum the best base rum for our exotic flavour range.


What is ‘The Funk’?

‘Jamaican Funk’ has been popular for centuries, ask any rum enthusiast. Traditionally Jamaican rum producers rely on natural ‘wild’ fermentation that gives their rums a distinct array of aromas produced by organic compounds knows as ‘esters’. These esters ooze of tropical fruits, wood, rubber, smoke, spices, sweet caramel and molasses, and make for the perfect base for blending and cocktails.

What abv is Langs Rum?

Langs rum has an alcohol content of 37.5%abv. We believe this alcohol strength is the best to balance our rum base with our exotic flavours.  


What flavourings do you use in Langs Rum?

All ingredients are natural. No artificial flavours, oils or essences are used in the making of Langs Rum.


What are the Langs Rum tasting notes?  

On the nose: the rum is sweet and fruity, bold banana flavours (foam banana sweets, warm banana bread topped with brown sugar), lots of sweets flavours (chocolate limes, cola cubes, candy floss), subtle cinnamon and vanilla.

On the palate: syrupy mouthfeel, big hit of sweet banana, rum flavour begins to build

Finish: initial heavy banana flavour reduces but lingers as rum notes build in fruity finish.


What is the best way to serve Langs Rum?

For a full-on burst of tropical fruit, serve Langs Rum neat or with a few cubes of ice. Its smooth and balanced flavour also means it mixes seriously well with your favourite cola or ginger beer for a classic serve and is a great base rum to experiment with in cocktails such as banana daiquiri.

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