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Langs Mango & Ginger Rum Bottle
Langs Pineapple Rum Bottle
Langs Banana Rum Bottle

Welcome to Langs Rum

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Big flavour and tropical funk. Langs Rum holds true to the original 1860s Lang Brothers Banana Rum; tropical and characterful, packed with vibrant exotic fruit notes.

Langs Rum is a blend of Molasses-rich, pot and column distilled Jamaican rums from ex-bourbon American white oak casks.

Imported from Jamaica, home of earthy aromatic rum ‘funk’, our premium quality, smooth drinking rum is then infused with natural fruit flavours to embody the carnival spirit.

With a good balance of flavour and rum, Langs is equally enjoyable straight up on the rocks or in an easy-going cocktail mix.

Langs ESTd 1861
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